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Learn to care about themselves

Morning, listening to a friend of mine said, "to learn to care for and treat yourself. This is a philosophical truth.

I remember I had a discussion with a group of children: When you out, and suddenly it began to rain, and you failed to take an umbrella, then how would you do?

I think you will instinctively cover their palms in the head! This behavior, from a physical point of view, how? From the psychological point of view, you have to do their best "to protect and care about their own.

Say, you have a home, encountered cold weather, how would you do?

I would like to, you must force with the palm of his own left hand rubbing his right palm, with their arms hugging his helpless body.

This behavior, friction and heat from the physical sense, but in that moment, instinct or a learned one step ahead of your behavior? From the psychological point of view, you have to admit: you join together to best to "care and love of their own".

Instinct, we do not have to go to his old-fashioned taboo, it is our survival and the formation of habits. The presence or absence of the habit of always have its historical necessity or inevitability, instinct sometimes he will be oozing from our bones, beautiful humanity's glorious - such as "care for and treat yourself".

Life's long road, sunny inevitable thunderstorm, the more time we must understand that more needs to learn to care for and treat yourself. Only their own is their own God!

Of course, the rain, the event umbrella, snow was charcoal, it was a heaven-sent. Providential, scarce, like a dream.

I did not dream, so I'm always ready to "naked" ...


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